8 August 2012

Aliens Probably Exist

If you spend a bit of time looking into the topic of extraterrestrial beings you would probably also conclude that the evidence supporting the case is almost overwhelming. It really is pervasive enough that it doesn't require extensive research to be able to sift through the inconsistencies and discover the reality of the situation.

I don't know if they communicate telepathically, i don't know what they're doing here or where they came from, i don't know how many different species there are or how far ahead the most advanced are. I don't know if governments are using reverse engineered craft. I don't know why the humanoid form is the universal standard (my initial theory was that aliens were psychological manifestation of religious imagery, ie. angels, daemons, etc. I now know that this is not psychological, they are humanoid beings).

I'm still very much open to theories of globally orchestrated hoaxes or conspiracies however i am of the reserved opinion that a small number of UFOs are actual craft being piloted by extraterrestrial beings. Some of which have crashed and quite possibly been obtained by governments.

The big question for me is no longer whether they exist but rather why we are not allowed to know about them, what are the implications? I can only assume that it's for good reason. Regardless, i hold transparency in the highest regard, knowledge builds and ignorance destroys. We need to know.

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