11 September 2011

A Sceptic's Perspective of the Extraterrestrial Phenomenon

It is very difficult for a respectable and intelligent person to approach a topic that is steeped in ridicule without being cautious of the risks. Unfortunately it takes respectable, intelligent individuals to cut through the ridicule, nonsense and misinformation in order to develop and portray a clearer understanding of such topics. I am openly and religiously a sceptic and for me that means i am open to all plausible explanations that can be substantiated with reasonable evidence.

I’ve always known the grandeur of the Internet but this has never quite been proven to me to the extent it was when i decided to look into the subject of UFOs and extraterrestrials. Up until recently i have always accepted that although the probability of extraterrestrial life in the universe was very high, i had become comfortable with the “knowledge” that life on earth had never come in contact with anything out there. I was sure that one day in the distant future when contact was finally made we’d discover life forms that were beyond our wildest dreams.

The images of aliens as humanoid beings was proof enough for me that we were merely personifying psychological aspects and fears. As a sceptic i have never closed myself off to claims made by abductees and witnesses but simply concluded that there were logical explanations for the experiences they had. Let me clearly state that i am still open to the more grounded explanations but as with all explanations they must be plausible and reasonable.

I have sifted through thousands of videos and websites on the topic beginning in January this year but there is just so much info on the topic, it’s very difficult to get a holistic perspective. What really swayed my opinion on the topic was the fact that numerous bits of corroborative information regularly surface from unaffiliated sources and you can only really appreciate that when you make the effort to sift through it all yourself.

All the information is out there in plain sight but it is accompanied by a huge amount of misinformation which initially does a good job at discrediting the entire topic. However, once you go through it all, the unsubstantial information becomes apparent and then actually makes one start asking questions; if a video is so obviously a hoax was that obviousness intentional? If so; why are they intentionally bringing a topic that is quite easily the most important discovery in human history, into disrepute? I will give a good example of this below.

I have compiled a short list of videos of very highly educated, respectable people discussing the topic in a manner that is clearly objective. In other words; these are scientific perspectives and are clearly not for personal enrichment of any sort.

Former Canadian minister of defense: Paul Hellyer

Appolo 14 astronaught and sixth person to walk on the moon: Edgar Mitchell

Physics of anti gravity: Stan Deyo

US Airforce IT specialist: William Pawelec

Dome of the Rock Temple Mount, Jerusalem

The next two videos are of an event that occurred over the Dome of the Rock Temple Mount in January this year. The second video is clearly a hoax, what’s interesting about the hoax video is that it appeared on YouTube three days before the original video. When i first saw the hoax video it already had over a million views. The original video to this day, has barely managed to break 100 000 views.

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