Andrew Craucamp

Entrepreneur and Investor

Prior to my entrepreneurial endeavours I worked for a number of software firms as a developer and system architect between 2006 and 2012. In 2012 I raised funding for and started Involgo where I built the NodeCore business management platform from the ground up. At the end of 2016 I moved on from Involgo and diversified my investment portfolio focussing on property, small businesses, and cryptocurrencies. I now pursue my personal interest in artificial intelligence, robotics and virtual reality.


I'm aware of the stigma around communism but it needs to be better understood by all parties, particularly on the topic of equality and democracy. In order to achieve a communist society three societal conditions need to be met; there must be no aristocracy or poverty, there must be transparent, decentralised democratic governance and there must be universal access to basic necessities without obligation.


Science is my "religion" and the singularity is my motivation. Communal and environmental consciousness are necessary for the survival and progress of our species.


I live on a plant-based diet, I very rarely consume animal products but when I do I am cognisant of how it ended up on my plate and why consuming animal products regularly is detrimental both to my health and to the environment.

Human Being

I accept both the strengths and weaknesses of my character and I acknowledge that every human being is a unique set of characteristics. No human being is independent of others, we are products of our social environments.