22 January 2010

Media Neutrality

eTV the only free television channel in South Africa, recently aired an interview with two would-be criminals who apparently boast about how they will target tourists during the 2010 Fifa world cup. The South African Police Service have publicly said that eTV are no different from these criminals if they refuse to give their information to the police. In South Africa the Media are our police and the SAPS are just another gang. I would go as far to say the the media actually run this county in a decentralised manner by uniting the people to force the hand of government. Needless to say government and the ANC are not happy about this and the SAPS can ill afford any more bad publicity.

The media must be seen to be objective as well as free, i cannot stress this enough. If the SAPS looks bad it's due to it's own failings, as i've mentioned in a previous post we have a political culture of passing the blame along. This is just another reminder that if we are going to affectively combat crime we need to start with the criminals in power, our only weapon against corruption is free, objective and transparent media. We need to be able to hear the voice of all South Africans without instilling fear of the ANC or SAPS, we must remember that whether they like it or not they are here to serve us.

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