13 December 2009

An ANC Led South Africa

The skilled and intellectual are leaving in droves to escape the deterioration of South Africa. We have moved beyond white guilt by now. The ANC has done an amazing job of supporting the argument that black people are not fit to run a country. Racists have no reason to question their beliefs anymore, and those who were never racist are now saying "look at what the blacks are doing".

It's got nothing to do with genetics or pigmentation, it's to do with a culture that is not only supported by the ANC, but is the piller that holds it up. It's a culture of lying, cheating and stealing and avoiding responsibility by passing the blame on to apartheid, COPE, the DA or whoever it can be pinned on. Thanks to the ANC South Africa is now the center of the world of organised crime.

The ANC is the biggest contributing factor towards racism in South Africa because they condone the idea that black people deserve more than others and it's leaders practice corruption which, as i said above, promotes the idea that black people are not fit to govern. Thanks to the ANC, the New South Africa has been reduced to a lame joke that's passed around at AWB conventions. Simply put; the ANC makes black people look bad and gives racists the right to say; "We told you this would happen".

When Jacob Zuma and the rest of the his mafia are in jail and when government positions are awarded to the most capable individual rather than cadres, then we will be able to be proud, united South Africans again.

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