Dozenal Datetime System

21 May 2015
By Andrew Craucamp

Dozenal:  १४ • ०७ • ११ | ८२ • ६७ • २४
Base12:   14 • 07 • 11 | 82 • 67 • 24
Base10:   16 • 07 • 13 | 098 • 079 • 028

Gregorian: 2016/06/30 16:25:29

To better understand what's going on here i recommend first having a look at my Dozenal Numeric System.

Advantages of the Dozenal Datetime System

  • Zero based system for both the time parts and the date parts
  • Significantly larger number of iterations per time part for increased precision
  • Consistent number of sub units from day down to the dozenal second, the decond (144).
  • No need for time zones, the entire planet observes the same time globally
  • The biggest advantage of this system is the clean cut-offs appropriate to a base-12 system rather than the arbitrary cut-offs in the current Gregorian system (the current system has 31 days, 12 hours, 60 minutes, etc.). All dozenal datetime cut-offs are perfectly divisible by 12 up to the months level (24 days, 144 dours, 144 dinutes, 144 deconds, etc.)
  • One disadvantage of this system is that it is no longer coupled to the phases of the moon

Dozenal Date Parts

YY (Year)
Same as the Gregorian year minus 2000.

MM (Month)
One dozenal year consists of 15 equal dozenal months + 1 short dozenal month. The last month has 5 days on a normal year and 6 days on a leap year.

DD (Day)
One dozenal month consists of 24 days, except for the last month. A dozenal day begins with the time 00•00•00 at approximately daybreak at the international dateline during the Spring and Autumn equinoxes. One dozenal day is exactly the same length as a standard day.

DzH (Dour)
One day consists of 144 dours. The same time will be observed globally so there will be no need for time zones. One dour is exactly 10 minutes long.

DzM (Dinute)
One dour consists of 144 dinutes. One dinute is approximately 4.12 seconds.

DzS (Decond)
One dinute consists of 144 deconds. One decond is approximately 28.93 milliseconds.

Subdeconds are an additional option for very accurate values. As with the above, a decond consists of 144 subdeconds.

Date Format

International Gregorian:
2000/01/01 00:00:00

YY • MM • DD | DzH • DzM • DzS
०० • ०० • ०० | ०० • ०० • ००


Weeks should not be a set global standard but should be redefined as required but they should fit perfectly into a month.

8 work days, 4 weekend days (12 day week, 2 weeks per month)
6 work days, 2 weekend days (8 day week, 3 weeks per month)
5 work days, 1 weekend day (6 day week, 4 weeks per month)

Working example

Dozenal Datetime Javascript Example

Simply double click the html file to see a working Dozenal Datetime example. It will show the current time in Dozenal, that time should be identical world wide. The code is released under the GPLv3 license.