25 February 2015

Choose Organic

People need to stop believing that their actions and decisions are insignificant. Your decisions affect everyone and everyone's decisions ultimately affect you too. In a free market system you vote with your wallet and by buying fast foods instead of organic foods you're making those healthy foods less accessible for everyone.

One purchase may have a seemingly insignificant impact but multiply that by billions of people over many decades and you have health and nutrition crises cropping up everywhere. Obesity in wealthy countries and severe malnutrition in poor countries. Our species cannot maintain these high calorie, low nutrient diets.

Furthermore, the industries that have been built around this new way of eating are putting immense strain on the environment. The meat and grain industries use unimaginable amounts of resources to meet the demand from consumers. Additionally the pharmaceutical and supplement industries have exploded and are causing all kinds of environmental damage.

Our global ecosystem will eventually collapse if we don't put an end to these systems of self destruction. Stop blaming politicians and corporations and start taking responsibility for your individual contribution to the problem. Make the right choices for everyone, not just for yourself.

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