6 October 2014

Atheism: the expectation of embarrassment

Apparently my vehement atheism is becoming a real embarrassment for my family. I was advised (in a very caring and helpful yet condescending manner, as is Christian custom) that my sarcastic attitude towards the fairy tales that so many people hold so close, is putting a lot of social strain on those around me. It was suggested that i unfriend anyone on Facebook who may be embarrassed by me directly or anyone who may be embarrassed on behalf of those close to me.

I am under no misconceptions here, i know full well that these suggestions come from a place of genuine care and concern. It is precisely this oblivious bigotedness that motivates my outspoken attitude. I am bombarded daily by religious drivel, always accompanied by the attitude of "you better not question my beliefs, no matter how ridiculous they are". My sarcastic posts are nothing more that a mirror of the hypocrisy that is Christian culture. It is indeed embarrassing but breaking mirrors certainly won't make you beautiful.

We will eventually overcome modern religions. I can say this with a good deal of confidence because of the hundreds of thousands of religions and belief systems which have since been resigned to mythology. Abrahamic mythology will be no different, particularly due to the fact that it condones such obvious unethical behaviours like slavery, misogyny, homophobia, infanticide, rape, paedophilia, racism, genocide, animal abuse, child indoctrination, etc.

My issue has never really been about the irrational beliefs, people can believe whatever ridiculous nonsense they want to, it's really no one else's business. My issue is the underlying expectation of adherence to and acceptance of Christian culture whether you subscribe to it or not. A culture that i and many others feel operates under a complete distortion of ethics and reality. As far as i'm concerned Christianity is a societal sickness, and deserves no more respect than is afforded by basic free speech laws. Have your say by all means, but don't expect me to keep silent.

I don't want to make the lives of those i love any more difficult than they already are so i'll go along with this suggestion. We've made a lot of progress over the past hundred or so years in overcoming religious culture dominance but it's all too clear to me now that we still have a long road to travel on this issue.

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