25 March 2014

The sinking profit ship

Eventually, the general attitude towards the free market system will be as widely negative as today's attitude towards communism is. The failure of a system that relies on exponential consumption growth of finite resources is inevitable. Marketing is of course the core of a "market" system and as long as you can convince people that the solution to systemic problems is to increasingly feed the system that caused those problems, people will continue to support that system up to and often beyond the point at which their very survival is at stake.

While the wealthy flee the sinking ship by buying up everything of real worth, the poor scramble to keep that ship afloat long enough for the well-connected to get to the life boats.

The solution is simple; universal, obligation-free access to information and education. Curiosity is a hunger that grows the more you sate it. If everyone has the wealth of human knowledge at their fingertips then eventually everyone will be self educating even if their curiosity starts with humble beginnings.

The march of technology stops for nothing, not for a profit driven free market society and certainly not for a non-materialistic communistic society. Contrary to common belief, the free market did not build the technology of today, the free market simply creates friction (known as profit) by rubbing up against something with massive inertia (technological progress).

That friction serves only to solidify the rule of the profiteers over workers. Profit is about power and nothing more and unsurprisingly profiteers will use that power to convince you that they deserve it and that you don't.

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