11 August 2013

The Blame Game

Blame is an attempt to determine who should pay reparations for something that has gone wrong. By sending people to jail we are essentially passing our shared responsibility of social stability on to an individual who can arguably be considered a victim themselves.

We seem to assume that creating universities of grudgery will magically dissolve our societal disorders while the rest of us live on guilt-free. Prisons are simply storage facilities for revenge, resentment and denial of responsibility and they perpetuate ethical disorders rather than solving them.

Judging, sentencing and blaming in general are all symptoms of a sick society. Inequality is the disease, money is the poison that causes it and empathy is the cure. If passing a prison sentence is not as painful for a community as the crime itself was then the punishment is empty and any real solution is replaced with festering revenge.

Love those who deserve it the least because they need it the most. Love is not about how you treat others but rather how you empathise with them. Compassion is evidence of empathetic love and is a natural, instinctive result of empathy and requires no effort. Additionally empathy breeds empathy. Any crime can and should be forgiven but the societal cause must first be addressed or regression is inevitable.

As long as people need to fight just to survive, as long as social status is the primary human aspiration and as long as material gain is worth more than knowledge and empathy, we will be a self destructive species. With the technology and weaponry we now have, continued societal immaturity will be nothing short of disastrous. We need to grow up as a species and start addressing the causes not the symptoms.

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