31 July 2013

Information vs Violence

Don't let Barnaby Jack's death be in vain. We need a global recall of wireless life sustaining devices like insulin pumps, pacemakers and defibrillators. The software on these devices must be completely open source so that third parties are able to review and patch the inevitable vulnerabilities.

I was born with hypertrophic obstructive cardiomyopathy. I've been told by my cardiologist (Dr Guy Letcher) to seriously consider having a defibrillator installed. Failing which, my risk of sudden death is significantly higher.

In a world where security experts like Aaron Swartz, Barnaby Jack and Jacob Appelbaum need to be silenced, where whistleblowers like Bradley Manning, Edward Snowden and Julian Assange have to flee their home country or risk facing charges worse than the criminals they outed, i'd rather die young of natural causes than give our illegitimate "rulers" a remote off-switch.

The global elite are doing everything in their power to convince us (and themselves) that their secrecy, surveillance and violence is for our own good. They feel that they need to protect us from each other and in doing so they unwittingly unite us in the realisation that we need to be protected from them.

They hypocritically label us terrorists and criminals while using violence to fight our information. Education threatens the power elite and as far as they're concerned, society will crumble without them. They will protect "us" from ourselves at all costs, whether that means staging the largest terror attack in history and killing millions of people in it's wake or keeping information locked down with copyrights and patents in order to centralise control of information systems. Revolution is coming.

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