14 May 2013

You want communism, you just don't realise it

Anyone who claims to be against communism is either misinformed, irrational or simply apathetic. Not wanting to live in a free, equal and abundant society is akin to not wanting to live a healthy life. Apathy may be more inviting than the effort required for good health but even the apathetic acknowledge the trade-offs.

I was once against communism myself but i made an effort to understand it and i found that it's is almost exactly the opposite of what i initially thought it was. Communism can be distilled down to three core principles; classless, stateless and moneyless. Socialist states have a prevalent class division and the ruling class uses currency to control the working class.

The irony of socialism as a transition to communism is that it destroys the principles of communism. The negativity that socialism rightfully attracted in the mid 1900's was redirected by cold war propagandists towards communism. To use the analogy above; if communism is good health then socialism is a misguided dietary plan. The free market economy is another example of unhealthy living.

Technology will inevitably usher in global communism, the open source fraternity already understands the necessity of decentralisation and open, democratic participation. But the debate continues about how best to transition from a heavily materialistic, consumer society to an environmentally aware, unified social consciousness. The scientific method needs to be used in the governance of resources, decisions need to be based on sound, provable theories rather than egotistical opinions.

A resource based economy is currently the only viable proposal in that regard. It's scientific, democratic and fair, and importantly; a resource based economy improves along with science and technology rather than clashing with it as the free market system does. Copyrights and patents are examples of how laws are created to prevent technology from disrupting the system.

Do some homework

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Resource based economy explained

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