30 May 2013

Communism is a value system

Confessions of an Economic Hit Man by John Perkins is a book which explains the inner workings of a capitalist empire. Creditism is a mechanism used to instill materialistic values which creates slavery through debt. A communist world is a one which has overcome materialism and values the well being of community and environment. The acquisition of resources is merely a means to achieve communal and environmental well being.

Without credit we'd possibly have the ideal free market system that capitalists advocate but even the ideal is incredibly inefficient and results in waste of resources and creativity and ultimately reintroduces corruption and slavery. In a communist world; all effort and resources are dedicated to meeting needs. Aside from obvious human rights like food, housing and education; access to information is a human right in a communist world, access to democratic collaboration is a right and eventually, even access to free travel will be a right.

Communism is a holistic, self-supporting system. I agree that individual aspects of communism like resource distribution and direct democracy, can't work in the context of the system we're currently accustomed to but once all the pieces of the puzzle come together they become complementary. With automation and decentralisation, the necessity of individual contribution reduces but the desire to contribute increases. With transparency and real democracy, the desire to be socially superior to one's neighbor reduces and an understanding of the necessity of equality improves. With access to information and an improving education, blissful ignorance loses it's appeal.

As society matures the value system slowly changes from materialism to communism. Technology is getting us there whether we're aware of it or not. Right now we shouldn't be trying to implement the perfect societal system, we should be addressing the things that are holding back the progress of technology. Information policy and access to information are the biggest hurdles at the moment. The easiest way for everyday people to address those issues is to use open source technology or better yet, contribute to it. Real democracy starts with technology.

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