1 August 2012

Fuck Censorship

Facebook recently censored an image entitled "Ema" by Gerhard Richter because it contained nudity. I'm curious to find out what might happen to an image of L'Origine du monde by Gustave Courbet.

If this image offends you please just leave. I do not want to associate with people who attempt to bend history to their ideals. Trying to solve a social problem by pretending that it doesn't exist is naive and irrational. Censorship actually attracts more curiosity than the censored content would otherwise.

Censorship is socially irresponsible because only education solves problems. There are no exceptions to that, not even when children are involved, in fact especially when children are involved.

Nudity is an example of censorship running amok, there isn't even a real problem associated with it. I can guarantee that children do not associate a naked body with anything sexual unless that idea has been imposed on them (through censorship).

Gustave Courbet gives us the dirty, uncomfortable reality; the vagina is where every single human being originated. The universe honestly doesn't give a shit about your opinion on it.

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