19 July 2012

I Stand With Iran

The Semitic people are a diverse group of talented and intelligent people. Israel deserves a chance to exist among the nations of the world in peace and mutual prosperity. The people of Israel have a right to live without fear of attack or oppression but they also have the responsibility not to encroach on the equal rights of their neighbours.

It may be unfair to blame the Israeli people for the gross misconduct of their leadership but the people of a nation have the responsibility to keep their government grounded. A war between Israel and Iran will serve as nothing more than another example in a long list of ignorant religious disputes resulting in mass suffering.

Despite numerous efforts from Israelis, Iranians, Americans, and countless other people openly declaring that they do not want a war, the Israeli and US governments continue to push their profit agenda. Israel need block out external pressures, show their humility and make a peace offering or continue to be seen as blood hungry aggressors.

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