5 April 2012

Ubuntu on my TV

I use a Media PC in my living room running Ubuntu, I'll put the official 'Ubuntu TV' on it once it's publicly available.

Top left - TVTime displaying the DSTV guide
Top right - Pictures folder
Bottom left - Movie Player playing District 9
Bottom right - Chrome, YouTube

Media PC - Old single-core 64bit AMD chip with entry level nvidia graphics card and Pinnacle TV card.
Sound - Logitech THX 5.1 (only using 2.1 at the moment) receiving audio from two sources; DSTV decoder and Media PC
Input - Wireless Logitech keyboard with touchpad
Screen - 32" 1366x768 Sony display panel (no TV, no sound)
Storage - 1TB external
Decoder - DSTV PVR

- Increased launcher icon size to 64
- Increased font size to "Large"
- Set TVTime to launch on startup
- All music and family photos are on here too
- Hangouts/Skype works perfectly however only the webcam or the TV can be used at one time, not both

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