17 March 2012

Information is Key

Communism is the purest form of democracy and information is the key to it’s success.
Barack Obama was voted into power thanks to a number of promises he made about upholding freedoms and avoiding war. During his term he has broken most, if not all of those promises. The people of the United States didn’t necessarily vote for Obama, they voted for liberties and peace and they assumed Obama would deliver.

This is a clear example of how democracy is simply not working as it should in the US. I would go as far as to say; there is no democracy in the United States or any capitalist “democratic” country for that matter. The people have no say in what happens they merely have the illusion of minimal influence backed by nothing more than hope that their needs and wants will be addressed.

The Occupy protests are veins of communism within a capitalist society despite the fact that many of the occupiers are unaware of this. Food and a variety services such as makeshift clinics were offered free of charge, in fact free of any obligation whatsoever. They helped their peers simply because they developed a sense of unity, they understood that minor differences were irrelevant in the face of inequality.

The Venus Project is a communist initiative as well but just as with the occupiers, the coordinators are in denial about that fact because of the very successful anti-communism propaganda campaigns in the mid 1900s when China and Russia were “enemies” of the US. The irony is of course that communism is more liberal, more equal and promotes a greater unity than capitalism ever has.

I wholeheartedly support The Venus Project and i believe that in order to smoothly transition from capitalism to a resource based socio-economic system we need to open up information and avoid the self serving idea of intellectual property. I think The Venus Project coordinators greatly underestimate the importance of the role of information in building and maintaining a society where everyone has a role in steering it’s course.

Absolute democracy is essential, every person must be able to vote on every issue that effects their life, regardless of short-term versus long-term effects or direct versus indirect effects. As it was eloquently put in an episode of Third Rock From the Sun; how can the vote of a genius have the same weight as that of an uneducated person? The simple answer is that the concept of a fixed intellect is scientifically unfounded and is simply not true.

Every human being has the same intellectual potential as any other and i honestly believe that the simple realisation of this is worth more than years of study. Intelligence can of course be improved through practice but the initial obstacle of self doubt must be overcome with the realisation that intelligence is a standard human attribute. This obstacle is however subconsciously ingrained and despite what many people believe, constantly repeating the words “i am smart” will not result in that realisation.

The education system is inherently authoritarian because it’s based on a syllabus which was decided on by a select few who have no relation to the individual being “educated”. Curiosity based education is essential to the development of intellect because it subconsciously reaffirms the fact that; when motivated “i am indeed smart” and nothing motivates like curiosity. Rudolf Steiner’s Waldorf education is the only system i am aware of that encourages curiosity rather than seeing it simply as a distraction.

Competition is however the motivational driver in our current social system and competition demands a loser. Elitism finds it’s way into our schools very early on and the children who were not very good at doing certain things quickly believe that they are not very good at doing many things and the opposite is also true for early achievers. This “winners and losers” structure obviously diversifies after leaving the schooling system. Anyone who does not comply with this imaginary class system is seen as mentally unstable or socially inept.

China is very aware of the importance of information in running a communist society and it’s that awareness that has resulted in what’s now known as the “Great Firewall of China”. Their misguided attempts to control the “lies of the western world” has resulted in the stunting of natural, curiosity based self-education. Furthermore, censorship has the ‘forbidden apple’ effect whereby the censored topic garners more attention and curiosity than it would otherwise.

The Internet, readily accessible and completely uncensored, coupled with social networking is the gateway to producing a society that is intelligent enough to make educated decisions that are unbiased and socially and environmentally aware without the need for some disconnected political representation. Real democracy is; when a decision affects you, whatever that decision may be, you are entitled to have your say and cast your vote.

A man named Lucas Wilcox explains direct democracy

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