10 February 2012

Victims of Culture

We can’t blame politicians, bankers, corporate elite or anyone for that matter, for the problems in the world. Everyone is playing the role they see as fit under the current socio-economic system. Once you remove yourself from a perspective that is restricted by the constraints of the current system, the situation becomes crystal clear and the simple solution becomes apparent.

Those who oppose a system are often seen as immature and the reason is that they are generally not well adapted to that system. If we continue to adapt ourselves to a broken system we contribute to it's downward spiral. We need to wake up to the fact that we shape our own society, we allow the unsustainable wealth disparity to exist and most importantly we allow ourselves to believe that we deserve the lives we live.

The Ubuntu philosophy teaches us that a prosperous person can thank their community for presenting them with the opportunities they received. Likewise; a life of crime is perfectly understandable in a community that restricts opportunity. Every human being is born with broad curiosity and a natural desire to contribute to a community, under a capitalist system people are conditioned into self serving roles by being rewarded for having capitalist attitudes.

As Peter Joseph points out in his interview with The Marker; the elite are as much the victims of our system as the poverty stricken. While the poor need a helping hand the "investment class" need tough love. More importantly the youth need to have the idea of being observers of their community replaced with the concept of being part of it.

People make mistakes and people do great things but neither of those should allow us to separate ourselves from our community through pride or shame.

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