8 February 2012

Tesla's Dynamic Theory of Gravity

I think of scepticism as my religion. By that i mean i can't accept anything as fact, theories merely have varying degrees of plausibility. I try to avoid pursuing the wild goose chase of searching for absolute scientific truth. Instead; i take in as much information as possible and try to draw links to that which i already "know". In the process some things which i have come to accept as "factual" may have new light shed on them, similarly some things i have accepted as pseudoscience seem to gain plausibility through relating information.

Because of my immovable dedication to scepticism and my insatiable demand for substantiated evidence, i have come to believe that gravity is caused by naturally radiated electromagnetism and the amount of radiation is proportional to the mass of an object. Mass is relative to velocity and velocity is relative to time. I don’t understand enough about physics to know how this relates to current knowledge, i’m simply giving my opinion based on what i’ve discovered on the internet.

I am simply stating that Nikola Tesla’s theory of dynamic gravity appears to be a more substantial explanation than Einstein’s explanation of gravity. I believe that we would be able to properly understand his theorems and reproduce his experiments if his research was opened up to the world. Of course, the idea that his research was censored is simply pushed aside as conspiracy theory.

What’s very interesting to me is that his research could provide a whole world of evidence to either prove or disprove other conspiracy theories such as the HAARP arrays being used to create earthquakes and the Hutchinson effect which is able to produce anti-gravity effects. Not to mention the theory of extraterrestrial craft propulsion systems where gravitational fields are manipulated on the fly.

I accept that i may be under educated on the topic and possibly being seduced by wonderful ideas of advanced alien technology so i will always remain sceptical. As always, i am open to all substantiated theories but not at the expense of misunderstanding the universe in order to maintain a scientific comfort zone.

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