22 December 2011

Divine Truths

I’ve always said divine truths need no preaching but i think that statement can be taken a step further to say that divine truths should not be preached since the words would be empty without experience behind them. Nevertheless, I’ll write down what i believe to be divine truths from my experiences, maybe they’ll resonate with someone else.


I am an atheist and tend to distance myself from religion which is filled with mortal manipulation rather than divine truths. Those who know me would refer to me as agnostic since i am a devout sceptic which means i cannot denounce the existence of a god. However, i can attempt to understand what it is that people rationalise as “god”. Science already proves that energy is the basis of all matter. Furthermore, through experience i have come to believe that information is the basis of energy and is the fabric of the multidimensional universe. For me the divine truth here is that information is ultimate creator or what some might refer to as “god”.


One of the biggest reasons i steer clear of religions is that nearly all of them preach some sort of divine hierarchy. That creates the absurd belief that some mortal beings are somehow superior to others. Priests, kings, martyrs, prophets, demigods and even gods are all thought to be somehow superior to ‘common man’ who is in turn superior to animals, etc. For me the divine truth is that all beings are equal and that is extended to all life and to the entire universe. This equality is due to the fact that the universe exists as a single, self aware being.


On a material level; you are what you perceive the world to be, perception is the mirror of yourself in the world and the world in yourself. Crime is as much the fault of society as it is of the individual because of this very reason. This is where the concept of ubuntu comes from; love those who deserve it the least because they need it the most. In the grand scheme of things perception is what brings order to information and the divine truth here is that the universe exists because it is aware of itself. I would go as far as to say that there are no “truths”, only perceptions.

What i am describing above is simply three aspects of one concept. Like the laws of physics, geometry, trigonometry, etc. these truths all support one another. Once we have expanded and refined them i believe we can then use them to prove one another as well.

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