19 September 2011

Oligarchic Democracy versus Anarchic Democracy

There is of course an easy solution to this problem, the infamous silver bullet that sounds too good to be true; remove the "winner". No presidency, no ministerial cabinet and along with it; no corruption or dictatorship. It's known as anarchy and believe it or not, it’s far more orderly than the current oligarchic system.

Seats in parliament are filled with the correct ratio of representatives and no one party has absolute rule. The down side of anarchic democracy is that government looses it's agility in the decision making process. What might be a very quick decision in a dictatorship now becomes a tedious process.

The only time such agility is really necessary in my opinion, is during war. In other words; in the information era, a time when political borders are becoming less relevant every day, we don’t need agility, we need the free flow of information and we need diplomacy.

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