22 May 2011

While The DA Wins Wards, The ANC Cheats

The ANC continue to practice underhanded governance in order to better position themselves for elections. While the ANC are steadily losing their grip on the Cape and surrounding regions they are certainly not above abusing their powers and have ensured that KwaZulu-Natal becomes an ANC stronghold.

The Hillcrest/Waterfall ward in the upper highway area has been run by the DA (DP) since 1994. The ANC has split that ward into three separate wards and has merged them with township wards in order to dilute the "white vote". Waterfall has been merged with Dinabakubo, those are two completely separate communities and after the 2011 municipal elections this ward is obviously now ANC run. Hillcrest has been split directly down the center with Hilldene and Plantations in the southern ward and West Riding and Bothas Hill in the North. Both of these wards are now also ANC run. Joining two unconnected communities and splitting another straight down the middle is completely unjustifiable and outright unethical.

Integration is an absolute necessity however we find ourselves in a situation where uneducated individuals are electing corrupt, incompetent politicians. The Hillcrest/Waterfall area was one of the best run suburbs in KwaZulu-Natal, just as the Western Cape is the best run province in the country. This is not a coincidence, the DA deliver on their word. The ANC have a monarchistic view of leadership roles, they see them not as positions of servitude but rather as a means to elevate their status. The ANC councillors now in charge of Hillcrest and surrounding wards will be held to the same standards that would be expected of the DA and those are very high standards.

It’s a sad reality that the majority of the South African citizenship is uneducated and the party in power reflects this. This is not set in stone however; it can be changed through the proliferation of information and solid education. The rise in support for the DA over the years suggests that this is exactly what is happening.

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