24 January 2011

Mo Shaik: Manipulative Information Peddler

News24 just dropped a bombshell; a cable released by Wikileaks reveals conversations between Rieaz "Mo" Shaik and a US diplomat known only as "PolOff". Mo is the brother of convicted criminal Schabir Shaik and is currently the head of the South African Secret Service. The conversations describe how Mo attempts to control and utilise sensitive information to the advantage of Jacob Zuma and allies.

In June 2009 Mo discussed Zuma's new cabinet with PolOff, he indicated that certain individuals were strategically selected in order to "keep them quiet". During the time of Zuma's corruption trial Mo also threatened to expose the "political skeletons" of Zuma's enemies if corruption charges were not dropped. If Jacob Zuma was genuinely innocent he would want to prove this in court so that the people know of his innocence but he'd rather have people thinking he is guilty without proof than risk a trial which could potentially reveal his guilt.

We've known for years that the ANC is wholly corrupt, we've got mountains of evidence. What we don't have is the hard proof that will convict the ANC leadership. When the Zuma camp hi-jacked the party in 2008 it was a case of bad guys being replaced by very bad guys. If the Mbeki camp want any hope of redeeming themselves, they will go public with all the information they have, including any skeletons they may have in their closet. We need all the cards on the table for this country to have any hope of avoiding a total collapse.

There is a rickety web of blackmail in South Africa and it will eventually collapse. I implore Thabo Mbeki, Jacki Selebi, Vusi Pikoli and all those on the opposite side of the Zuma fence to come clean now before it's too late. The Zuma led ANC is spiralling into a pit of corruption and they are about to hit rock bottom, if we don't regain control of our country those thugs will take us all down with them.

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