4 January 2011

Black Economic Empowerment is Racist

BEE is blatantly corrupt and racist yet our "leaders" speak of it as if it's perfectly acceptable and even necessary. I have even heard the phrase "No one questions the necessity of BEE, it's the implementation that must be discussed". This is strange to me since 90% of the people i speak to on this topic (black, white, coloured, indian) have said that it's racist and destructive. That's certainly at least a small group of people that do question it.

The fundamental goal for our country at the moment is equality, congratulations to those who have noticed the demographics of the situation. Why is it that insurance companies have been disallowed from using demographics in their calculations yet in this situation it's acceptable. Either way, the truth of the matter remains; black people make up the largest portion of the poor and uneducated and the apartheid regime exacerbated that situation through racism. So how then do we expect to fix the problem through more racism, it's ludicrous at best.

We need to reduce the size of the lower and upper classes in society and increase the size of the middle class. BEE has done a good job of increasing the upper class and also pushing that upper class even further away by generating massive wealth but it has done very little in effecting the lower and middle class. Is there the expectation that if there are filthy rich black people then they will use their power to help the poor. Let me take this opportunity to point out the plight of Uganda, Rwanda, Nigeria, Zimbabwe, the list goes on. What the hell are you people thinking?

We have known crime bosses in our media winning political battles against heads of police, we have convicted criminals evading extradition to the countries that want to lock them up for life and most worryingly; we have the best anti organised-crime-and-corruption unit in the country dismantled for no rational reason. Are there not alarms bells ringing at this point? South Africa is the first choice location for syndicates to operate from, international drug and money laundering investigations continually find the trail of evidence leading back to South Africa.

BEE is plainly unethical and perpetuates corruption, it's the tip of the iceberg but abolishing BEE is an important step in destroying the criminal cancer in South Africa. We need to focus on the the problems we have here and now instead of taking an approach of "righting the wrongs of the past".


sambarino said...

It's no doubt true that BEE is racist, and even less disputable that it solves nothing. The only thing than can re-adjust the demographics correctly is free quality education to the poor.

But I doubt we'll see any meaningful change with our current communist government (with the extremely corrupt leaders / institutions that use their commy propaganda to defend their actions).

Shari Walker said...

We have ourselves to blame really, we all find ourselves complaining about the current situation yet we the people refuse to stand together to put an end to our problem...we can't expect to fix a government ruling when the nation is as corrupt as its leaders...our cries for help and this to end is as useful as the attempts we make for an equal country (useless)

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