20 November 2010

Quake3 in HD

Dust off the old PK3 files:
Although it's over 10 years old, Quake 3 is still being played in offices around the world. Since id software has open sourced the Quake 3 engine; a community of developers has created an updated engine called ioquake3 and has recently also included a high resolution texture pack. ioquake3 is 100% compatable with Quake3 v1.32 so you will be able to join servers running the original Quake3 engine and vice versa. All you will need are the original pk3 files found in your Quake 3 baseq3 folder.

Playing Quake3 in HD:
ioquake3 installer - Once installed copy pak0.pk3 ~ pak8.pk3 from "Quake III Arena/baseq3" to "ioquake3/baseq3"
hi-res texture pack - Drop the pk3 from this zip file to "ioquake3/baseq3"
HD config file - Drop this in "ioquake3/baseq3". The resolution is set to 1920x1080 in this file, edit this to your screen's native resolution before running ioquake3.

Running ioquake3 with hi-res textures, in Full HD on Ubuntu:

Some of the improvements in the ioquake3 engine:
  • Full 7.1 surround sound audio
  • Built-in VOIP, with optional player-location support
  • 64bit binaries
  • Various console improvements
  • Stereoscopic 3D support
Unlike a lot of other Quake 3 rewrites ioquake3 has not added any unnecessary modern graphical features like dynamic shadows or bump mapping. Instead they've opted to keep the engine simple and improve it's performance. They have also made it possible to run ioquake3 on Linux based smartphones like Android and MeeGo. Stereoscopic 3D support was apparently started by id themselves but never materialised, the ioquake3 team has now finished it off.

Update: I found this post on nvidia forums explaining how to get nvidia 3D vision working for OpenGL games. All you need to do is drop the opengl32.dll from this download into the same directory as the game executable you want to play and nvidia 3D vision should be working normally from there. Note: this won't work for OpenGL 2.0+, only older games unfortunately.