7 October 2010

Jesus Should Be Arriving In 2012

Jacob Zuma vowed that the ANC would rule until the second coming. Thanks to Sadtu, Jesus may be here sooner than we hoped.

Sadtu president Thobile Ntola, has said that they will overthrow the ANC leadership in 2012, this would be the second time that the ANC leadership was overthrown but this time i'm in full support. Jacob Zuma and his band of lackeys, side stepped the democratic process when they removed Thabo Mbeki and his appointed ministry. South Africa was hi-jacked by a bunch of thugs and since then we have been subjected to open corruption and complete disregard for the constitution and the needs of the people. The recent public servant strikes conducted by Cosatu were irrational and ineffective but the anger of the people was justified. Access to information and education should be the highest priority in government at the moment yet the ANC refuses to increase teacher salaries and insists on establishing a media tribunal.

Who is this enemy that they want to prevent from receiving sensitive information? It's us, the people who have been consistently abused and manipulated by this legitimised crime syndicate. The ANC underestimated the worth of it's allies and the Tripartite Alliance (Tripartheid) has be now been all but destroyed and Cosatu and Sadtu have expressed their disdain for some ANC actions and policies. Although Sadtu plans to merely hi-jack rather than destroy the ANC, i think this will be the blow that puts them out once and for all, at which point (depending of course on your confidence of Jacob Zuma's prophetic abilities) Jesus should be arriving.

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Tiiso said...

haha 2012 is going to be a momentous year no? ...

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