19 September 2010

The Smart Book

The strength of any technology is modularisation and standardisation. The ability to swap out and redesign, giving anyone the opportunity to easily innovate on the original concept. It’s the very reason PCs overshadow Macs and it’s the reason the concept of open source is not just an ideal but an absolute necessity. Innovation, modularisation and open source, these are the concepts that define the California based startup; Always Innovating. They are known for the Touch Book which combines a tablet and netbook to create a remarkably adaptive mobile device. They have just released their latest product; the Smart Book, which sets a new level of versatility in mobile devices. Check the video:

This is definitely not for Apple fans, it requires a bit of tech savvy to really appreciate it's features but this really is something special. It is a little expensive but considering it's diverse "swiss army knife" feature set i'd say it's justifiable. Hats off to Always Innovating.

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