13 April 2010

South Africa Divided

Eugène Terre'Blanche was murdered on the 3rd of April in his home just outside Ventersdorp. He went from a nobody to a martyr virtually overnight through an act of mindless brutality that is all too familiar with the people of South Africa. I now suggest that the Cape be made independent of South Africa so that whites, coloureds and indians have a place where they can live in safety and the ANC can have the unchallenged dominance in South Africa they desperately desire. We cannot fight the ANC led mass hatred so it appears that the only solution to the growing racism in South Africa is to divide the country. We shouldn't have to do this but the rainbow nation is clearly crumbling and if we are going to avoid a civil war the minorities need to be separated so that the black dictators can maim their followers without interference. I am an idealist but time and time again i am reminded that we are not in an ideal world and we must face the facts; we are not welcome in our own country.

Crime in South Africa is not a result of poverty, it's about dominance. Stolen goods are nothing more than the spoils of war. The brutal rape and murder that occurs and the complete lack of justice afterwards is evidence of this. The people that carry out these disgusting crimes are not the poor and unemployed; they are cowardly ANC recruits of a war that was supposed to end sixteen years ago. There are plenty of intelligent, ethical black people in South Africa and it comes as no surprise that they want nothing to do with the ANC. They are included in the minority that are being persecuted and are labelled traitors or counter revolutionaries if they speak up about crime or corruption. The truth of the matter is that this is not a race issue, it's a battle of uneducated greed and pride versus rational ethics and humanity. Give us our own land and we will no longer be around question your childish leadership. We will leave you to steal from and lie to the people who trust you and vote for you.

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