10 March 2010

Playing the ANC Flame Game

Julius Malema is a racist swine that will never acknowledge a white woman as his superior. I'm not even going to compare Julius Malema to Helen Zille because quite frankly that would be extremely disrespectful to the worlds best mayor of 2008 and the premier of the most highly educated province in the country. Not to mention the fact that she had made a significant impact in the fight against Apartheid by exposing the truth behind the death of Steve Biko. What has boy Julius contributed? Most controversial political commentator? You may want to wipe the faecal matter from your lips when you address your superiors, Julius.

One thing we certainly can commend Julius for is his ability to persuade millions of people with school yard banter which can be compared to trash talk found in the wrestling industry. Although it should be noted that this may be because of his followers lack of tangible education rather than real leadership qualities. That lack of education, by the way, is a direct result of the ANC's neglect of the people who so passionately support them. Another positive aspect of Julius' character is his ability to keep the president of South Africa Jacob Zuma, under his thumb without even breaking a sweat. Again this is probably not because Julius has any real skill but more because comrade Zuma can't resist a good clown show.

Now Julius, you'd better shut up and take note of the damage you are doing to the ANC and Jacob Zuma's reputation and I haven't even begun to mention how you are stealing from the people who support them. The DA and the ID are the least of your worries, soon you'll have to answer to the ANC and the full force of their supporters. Pasop!

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