3 March 2010

Flash is a Dying Technology

Steve Jobs has said that Adobe Flash is a dying technology. For the first time ever, i completely agree with him. Many have said that that comment is simply CEO rhetoric which, to be honest i agree with as well. Adobe Flash was accepted early on as the de facto standard for bringing rich media and vector graphics to a text and image based web. Being a Linux fanboy, i'm very familiar with popularity of certain software increasing based on the popularity of that software thereby creating exponential growth through recursive popularity. To translate my developer speak; people tend to favour popular software rather than good software. Flash is an example of this and therefore despite the fact that it is a buggy CPU hog as Steve rightfully points out, it still has a lot of staying power.

HTML5 is here to rescue us from a slow, buggy, inflexible and quite frankly, painful Flash filled web experience. Being the influential character that Steve Jobs is, i'm hoping his rhetoric will speed up the death of Flash. The reason i so passionately support Steve in this regard is because Flash is especially buggy in Linux and the hands of the Linux community are tied in this regard because Flash is proprietary software. So at the moment we are at the mercy of Adobe and they have just refused to come to the party, it's too late now. HTML5 offers rich media and vector graphics through open standards and it's long over-due. I shouldn't be too dismissive of Flash since it did offer technology that the web needed long before W3C could deliver it but it is technology that should be open and standard on the web and HTML5 will deliver it.

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