29 March 2010

Eucalyptus is the Future of IT

Cloud computing is making waves in more than just the biggest technology companies. The concept is undeniably convenient, not just for those who use the cloud but also those deploying them. Until recently, decent cloud deployments were reserved for the Googles and Amazons of the world but as with all good inventions it is becoming increasingly affordable. The next logical step is the ability to privately deploy clouds to keep your internal productivity safely behind a firewall.

Why Eucalyptus then? Besides the fact that it's compatible with Amazon's enterprise level EC2, besides the fact that it defines Ubuntu Enterprise Cloud, besides the fact that it's open source and thus supported by a vast community of developers, when the head of the worlds most important database management software MÃ¥rten Mickos, becomes the head of Eucalyptus, that's the signal that this is one to watch out for. Mickos also has his hands in the RightScale pie, which conveniently builds management tools for EC2 which will clearly benefit Eucalyptus.

When i first bought the Asus EeePC at the beginning of 2008 i knew netbooks were going to make a dent in hardware evolution. Netbooks, coupled with a thin client cloud architecture, are the beginnings of the next major evolutionary step in information technology. IBM and Canonical have realised this potential and are pushing low cost netbooks into African and Indian markets. I see Eucalyptus as being the catalyst that will drown the old world, proprietary IT model in favour of computing for the masses. Let's hope ISPs can keep up with the boom in demand for wireless connectivity that will follow.

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