12 February 2010

Kindle DX, iPad or Touch Book

I'd like to compare three devices in the medium form factor category (netbooks/tablet PCs/e-readers). Two of them fairly well known and the last one not known well enough. Admittedly i'm somewhat biased towards the Touch Book because it's open source however the Kindle also runs on Linux. By default the Touch Book runs a customised version of Ångström called AI OS (Always Innovating Operating System). What sets it apart is the fact that the hardware schematics are also open source and are based on the Beagleboard.

Kindle DXiPadTouch Book (Tablet)Touch Book (Netbook)
Manufacturer:AmazonAppleAlways InnovatingAlways Innovating
Screen Size:24cm24cm22cm22cm
Screen Specs:Black and white, electronic paper displayColour LEDColour LCDColour LCD
Processor:ARM (532MHz )x86 (1GHz)ARM (600MHz)ARM (600MHz)
USB Ports:NoneNone77
Keyboard:HardwareSoftwareSoftwareDetatchable hardware
Operating System:Custom LinuxMac iPad OSAI OSAI OS
Alternate OS:NoNoYes (Ubuntu, Android, Chrome OS, Maemo and others)Yes (Ubuntu, Android, Chrome OS, Maemo and others)
Battery Life:1 to 2 Weeks10 Hours3 to 5 Hours10 Hours
Touch Screen:NoYesYesYes
3D Accelerometer:YesYesYesYes
Read e-Books:YesYesYesYes
Browse Web:NoYesYesYes
Watch Movies:NoYesYesYes
Approx. Price:US$489US$600US$299US$399

Images left to right (seperated from grid due to blog post space limits):
Kindle DX, iPad, Touch Book (Tablet), Touch Book (Netbook)

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