5 February 2010

Hitachi Doesn't Mind Bribery

This morning i drove past a construction site in Rosebank in Johannesburg and saw some construction vehicles moving earth. I'm used to seeing Caterpillar written on the side so i took note of the fact that these were in fact Hitachi vehicles. That name sounded familiar but the logo wasn't familiar at all, it took a little while but eventually the reason dawned on me.

I had heard of Hitachi on the radio recently because of the fact that the ANC has a large stake in the company. I need to point out that Hitachi Power specifically was in question because of it's involvement in the building of "much needed" power stations across South Africa. But it appears that the bribery goes further than the power division since the construction vehicles mentioned happened to be working at a Gautrain site which is obviously a government project.

Basically our tax money is being paid to Hitachi which in turn is benefiting the ANC. Apparently our constitution does not cater for this situation so the ANC gets away with it again. This is completely unacceptable because it is unquestionably unethical. I do not support the ANC and therefore do not want my tax money to fund their greed. In South African business we seem to disregard the most capable, most economical and most efficient options in favour of the biggest bribe.

Hitachi should be kicked out of South Africa immediately and while we're at it the ANC should be kicked out of government. Why do we allow the ANC to continue their mindless destruction of a once great country. Their greed is reaching massive proportions and we are speeding towards becoming another Zimbabwe.

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