16 November 2009

After the Dota Wars

Heroes of Newerth (HoN) is undeniably the best multiplayer game i've ever played. S2, the company behind HoN, takes established third party mods and gives them their own engines. Savage and Savage 2, as far as i know, are based on the once popular half-life mod named Natural Selection and HoN is obviously based on Dota.

The original creator of Dota, Guinsoo has also decided to get behind another Dota clone named League of Legends. From the reviews i've read, it seems fairly underwhelming but it does look like it has potential, personally i'm hoping for a native linux build. The person responsible for Dota's success, IceFrog, has been hired by none other than Valve Software.

Dota devotees are adamant that this is not the end of Dota, i'm not convinced. I think we should lay Dota to rest knowing that it has left it's mark on the gaming world. Moba Gamers is a good site to keep track of what's happening, I'm off to play some HoN.

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NightTimeHornets said...

You better go play HoN, you need the practice.

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