14 November 2009

Eskom's Firewall

Today we had yet another unscheduled power outage, nothing surprising. After about an hour without electricity, the power came on again followed shortly by a loud abrupt grinding noise which lasted about three seconds and disappeared as suddenly as it started.

A number of residents from our complex (myself included) came out to see what the noise was all about and noticed pipes and cables sticking out of a muddied hole in front of the complex near the electricity box. We concluded that it was an electrical explosion. After a few minutes of standing around calling Jacob Maroga all kinds of names the coffin sized hole burst into electrical flames once more.

As if 100 Vietnamese guerillas started firing AKs all in unison from a hidden bunker beneath the pavement. I must emphasise that the flames of this wall of fire were hardly the delicate branch licking flames we're used to, these were 1,5 meter tall, lightning charged sprays of destruction. I had no idea that electricity could cut through rock and dirt as if it were polystyrene.

If i were the superstitious type i'd swear that satan himself had bribed Eskom to release him from his infernal prison. Maybe this is an unfortunate coincidence but my opinion is that this is a fine example of what our most valuable utility has been reduced to under the care of the ANC.

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