14 July 2018

How to effectively predict the future with AI

Modern artificial intelligence (AI) is very good at determining probabilities based on historical data. AI has reached a point where the average person can now understand forecasting potential of AI, particularly due to recent advances in AI over the past few years.

13 June 2018

Cultural Maturity

I acknowledge that I have certain immaturities that are obvious and blatant to people I interact with. I am admittedly childish when it comes to diplomacy, tact and communication as a whole. I accept that I have character weaknesses and that I'm probably immature in many areas which I'm not even aware of.

The crime of being different

Today we discuss minorities, and how hypocritical those in a majority position become without even being aware of it. What's acceptable for a person of popular beliefs and attitudes is chastised in a minority, and that makes us as minorities stronger as a result.

11 June 2018

Cultural tolerance of racism in South Africa

I recently called someone a "scumbag" for being racist on the South African Atheists group on Facebook, and in doing so I broke the rules of the group. I was subsequently muted for that, and that's fine I accept the consequences of my actions but I continued to follow the discussion silently. The flagrant racism that ensued blew my mind, I have never experienced this level of tolerance of racism in my life but sadly it was the anti-white flavour of racism which is still widely acceptable in South Africa, even among politicians.

22 September 2017

A culture of respecting silliness

I realise that many of you think it's wrong of me to publicly ridicule religion but i'd just like to clarify the situation. It doesn't make me feel good to shame others and i don't think i'm better than anyone just because i have the capacity for basic reasoning.

7 February 2017

Why so many people still don't understand science

The longer an argument remains unsettled the more it devolves into an argument of semantics. We're all logical beings to varying degrees and with sufficient logic and reasoning we should all eventually agree on everything. But the opposite appears to be true, as a species we seem to agree very rarely.

5 August 2016

South African Elections: Ethekwini Ward Corruption

Green is ANC dominated and blue is DA. The first impression one gets when looking at the results for the Upper Highway area in Durban is that it is predominantly ANC run with pockets of DA support. Not unlike most of South Africa and it's what most people have come to expect of South African elections.

28 July 2016

Slavery or equality, there's no middle ground

If one truly believes in the free market system then so should they support unpaid labour (slavery). If both parties consent to the exchange of labour for food and lodging then under a truly free market, that should be allowed. By interfering with that trade through government regulations (socialism) or the like, one is stifling the natural balancing effect of the theoretical "invisible hand". To put it bluntly, you either support slavery in a market system or you support the abolition of slavery through socialist means.

3 September 2015

Properly Addressing Inequality

Inequality is ultimately a self sufficiency problem which is a result of lack of education. The relatively high distribution of education in the 20th century can be credited for the ramp in technological progress but still so many people on Earth suffer while the privileged few live in a world of relative opulence that the kings and emperors of the past could never have imagined.

3 August 2015

Empathy: Spheres of Conciousness

Happiness is like money, it's a means to an end and is not an end in itself. And like money, if your ultimate goal is to acquire it you'll probably become a terrible person, treading on everything around you to get it. Likewise, if you sacrifice your happiness for the sake of others, they may end up walking all over you. Balance is key.