8 January 2015

The end of Islam?

All eyes are on Islam right now. The global acceptance or rejection of Islam hinges on the response of "everyday" muslims. Let me be very clear; we as non-muslims do not exist to serve Islam. On the contrary, Islam exists because we tolerate it and our tolerance is running thin.

If you want a place for Islam in this world you need to keep your doctrine peaceful, respectful and honest. Muslim children need to see that respectable Muslim people will openly condemn murder especially if it's in the name of Allah. Extremists need to be rejected by muslims as embarrassments to Islam.

This is not a friendly suggestion, this is an absolute requirement. If you want a place for Islam in the world then the religion must openly respect everyone, including those who criticise it. Without exception!

Islam, like any other religion, is an idea and all ideas must be subjected to constant scrutiny. If the idea stands up under those conditions then it has value, otherwise it deserves to be diminished.

I suspect that the majority of Muslims are themselves very unsure about Islam but are too afraid to openly admit it. Those who are confident about their thoughts and ideas are not easily offended by criticism.

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