28 January 2015

Kaffirs and Kaffirkaners

The most offensive shit you've ever read. In this post i'm going to tone down the racism and fire up the generalisation instead. If you knowingly limit your character to a stereotypical mould then you deserve all the generalisation that gets thrown your way, and don't you dare drag other people of your race down with you just because you're offended.

Race is not something we choose, we're born with it and we're stuck with it for the rest of our lives. Furthermore, there is no scientific evidence to suggest that race has any significant bearing on a person's inherent potential. Culture on the other hand is a dictatorial bitch. From a young age we are conditioned to fit into our culture one way or another. It seems like the most fulfilled people in any culture are the ones who "know their place".

Within a culture there may be a calm balance of personality types but when we start bumping cultures into one another, one of two things will happen; convergence or repulsion. The fairytale is that conflicting cultures will be able to live among one another as long as a superculture is in place that dictates that we must respect one another's cultures. Fuck that.

That's a midterm strategy at best, eventually those cultures will be at each other's throats again and we're seeing that right now in South Africa. The kaffirs, the kaffirkaners and the rest of the minorities are reaching boiling point. The proud Zulus, the carefree Xhosas and the eager to please Sothos in the Kaffir camp. The hard headed Afrikaners and the yolo Coloureds in the kaffirkaner camp. And the Tswanas, the Tsongas, the Swazis, the Vendas, the Ndebeles, the English, the Indians and everyone else in the minorities camp.

The kaffirs and the kaffirkaners are South Africa's malevolent superpowers and the minorities are often bullied into joining or opposing one or the other. Both camps have very strong cultural aspects, admirable even by global standards. Unfortunately both camps also have terrible shortfalls that justify their opposition to one another and keep us as as a country with major internal disputes. And the minorities get trampled and sidelined in the process.

Kaffir, noun, from the Arabic kāfir meaning infidel or non-believer. Ironically the two South African super powers are the most religious groups in the country. As an atheist i fit the definition of a kaffir perfectly. Go ahead, call me a kaffir, see how little it bothers me. That's exactly how much it should bother anyone who finds themselves on the receiving end of that word because it's meaningless. It's like a child calling someone a "poopy head", hardly offensive at all.

While culture is initially forced on us, it's ultimately our choice whether we wish to comply or not. If i don't like something about your culture, like how you cut the queue in traffic because you think you're entitled to, or how you kill for sport because it makes your dick hard, i'm going to go ahead and call you a fucking poopy head. My free speech is a human right. If you're offended you have two options; 1. Call me a poopy head in return or 2. Shut the fuck up.

Your cultural ideas are nothing more than ideas and unlike humans, ideas have no rights. Ideas don't start their existence with a base level of value and respect. In fact ideas need to be challenged constantly and vigorously and if those ideas and cultural aspects stand up to severe scrutiny, only then are they worth something.

We should not respect one another's bad cultural habits, we should pick out the most reasonable and sensible bits and build a unified culture so we can all be one nation of kaffirs.

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